This blog is predominantly a reference catalogue for myself as a teacher (and fan of children’s literature) so I can keep a record of each children’s book I have read with tags to make it easier to search for books under a particular theme or grouping. I aim to include each children’s book I read with a short synopsis and a little on my thoughts about the book, anything from potential issues to usefulness within a class program. I also aim to be obsessively over the top with the tags so I can search authors, illustrators, publishers, themes, topics, PRC level, anything and everything.

Personally I am not into in depth detailed book reviews, despite earlier posts proving the contrary. It is something I have learned over time that I prefer short and sweet, as a creator and a consumer. I often feel like I have the memory of Dory, hence the need for this catalogue with a search function and a quick refresher on the book’s plot and my thoughts on it.

From time to time I will include a post about lessons using a particular book, resources I find helpful and/or interesting and anything literacy related.

I have made this blog public in case this proves to be helpful to other people out there. There’s not many books included as yet (November 2015) but it will grow! I hope you do find this blog a helpful resource for you as you look for books to read with your kids, use in your classroom or even for your own enjoyment.

Happy reading friends!


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